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François Gelblat   

Lawyer at the bar in Paris, François Gelblat has always devoted his extensive experience to managing directors of businesses


The scope of his business law expertise includes :


  • advice in the creation of new companies,
  • management of legal capital,
  • sale and purchase of business through agreed settlements and  insolvency
  • corporate recovery and liquidation procedures
  • regulation of corporate contracts
  • corporate civil and criminal liability
  • employment law
  • general business litigation

His expertise in these fields has led him to work in the area of dramatic arts and he advises theatre managers as well as certain painters. 


He co-edited the terms of the contract established between directors and theatre managers.

François GELBLAT set up his own law firm in 1983, taking over from Roger HAUSER. He was previously in charge of teaching at the University of Paris XIII, advisor in the employment court and legal counsellor and is presently on the board of directors of the DAVID awards for contemporary art and the Autumn Exhibition (Salon d’Automne).  


He joined 140 VH on October 1st 2007.

His main clients are SMB’s in the service industry, the catering sector and manufacturing and retailing, who intervene in companies looking for external growth or when necessary insolvency.


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