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Emmanuel Eslami   

Emmanuel Eslami specialises in business law and is mainly involved in commercial litigation, estimating the legal risks, finding out of court settlements or other alternatives and defending cases in an arbitral or state tribunal. 

Over the past few years he has dealt with law suits in the following fields :


  • Banking law (bank’s liability, unreasonable financial support, guarantees)
  • NICT (breach of contracts in IT and telecommunications, sponsoring)
  • industrial risks, subcontracting, unfair competition
  • M&A (setting up seller’s guarantees, conflicts between managers/associates/shareholders)
  • Bankruptcy (prevention, repurchase, guarantee, management or third party liability)
  • business criminal law (managers criminal liability and defending civil rights, especially white-collar criminality, forgery, payment fraud, confidence tricks, breach of trust…) 

Emmanuel Eslami has a Degree in law and economics from the FACO, a Masters in business law and taxation from the University of Paris I and a Master of law from the NEW-YORK UNIVERSITY. 

He is a member of the bar in New York and Paris. 

After several years in the litigation department of a large international law firm, he set up his own company in November 2000.

He joined 140VH on February 1st 2006. 

His client base consists of large companies and SM French and foreign companies in the banking, IT, telecom and aviation sectors as well as state or state-related institutions.


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