140VH is a Law Firm specialising in business law. Its vocation is to defend and maximise the interests of its clients, businesses and their Managing Directors.

140VH has a team of attorneys who are looking to share their unique expertise and excellent reputations acquired through years of professional experience.  

 140VH’s practice areas include all aspects of business law such as:

  • Commercial and corporate law,
  • Mergers & Acquisitions,
  • Collection procedures,
  • Taxation law,
  • Employment law,
  • Business criminal law,
  • Intellectual property law,
  • Real estate law,
  • Banking law,

And it offers both counsel and litigation services in all these fields.

Its objectives are to provide top quality expertise and a perfect understanding of its clients by:

  • Remaining  a manageable size,
  • Maintaining a broad spectrum of disciplines and services  

140VH provides the expert counsel and advice which Managing Directors and businesses have the right to expect. It is careful in building relationships with its clients based on trust and has an approach which is as pragmatic, pertinent and complementary as it is rapid and reliable.


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